The sky is doing some wonderful things over Richmond, VA this afternoon.

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One year ago today on the San Antonio River Walk.

Jesus Christ means that God cares extremely, decisively, inclusively, immediately for the ordinary, transient, proud, wonderful, besetting, profane, frivolous, heroic, lusty things of men.

β€” William Stringfellow

Lunar situation

Luther was once asked how in the world the bread and wine could be the true (and not just the symbolic) body and blood of Christ when, at his original institution of the supper, Jesus’ body was there beside the table and the bread and the wine were there upon the table, apart from him. Luther replied, “Jesus is good at miracles.”

-Dale Bruner

Since March, this field has been our sanctuary.

The Brilliance, keeping it real.

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It’s come to this.

One of the more interesting gifts occasioned by this day.

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Our Eve of Christmas Eve fire at the church was significant.

Somehow I didn’t know about Malcolm Guite until yesterday.

This red-shouldered hawk let me get surprisingly close.

Two Carolina wrens live somewhere along the fence line in my backyard. I see them daily, and this brings me great joy.

Our Philip

This is a nice way of putting it:

Interpreters often need help, like the Ethiopian eunuch who answered Philip’s question, “Do you understand what you are reading?” by saying, “How can I, unless someone guides me?” Tradition at its best is our Philip – the Spirit’s provision of community to aid us in our reading (Kevin Vanhoozer).

Leaves in a parking lot

Thanks to Alan Jacobs for this wisdom about sifting the words and testing the spirits.

another bluebird

I love this poem.

Eastern bluebirds in flight

Bald Eagle seen on a walk yesterday evening