Discard your thirst for books, so that you won’t die in bitterness, but in cheerfulness and truth, grateful to the gods from the bottom of your heart.

-Marcus Aurelius

Idk, bro.

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I’ve now watched all of Steve McQueen’s Small Axe anthology. Highly recommend!

Spent some time today reorganizing my study at church.

Two quotations on form

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Currently reading: Barth In Conversation: Volume 1, 1959-1962 by Karl Barth 📚

Aaron Belz continues to delight.

The sky is doing some wonderful things over Richmond, VA this afternoon.

Currently reading: The Courage To Suffer: A New Clinical Framework For Life’s Greatest Crises by Daryl and Sara Van Tongeren 📚

Currently reading: No Future Without Forgiveness by Desmond Tutu 📚

One year ago today on the San Antonio River Walk.

Jesus Christ means that God cares extremely, decisively, inclusively, immediately for the ordinary, transient, proud, wonderful, besetting, profane, frivolous, heroic, lusty things of men.

— William Stringfellow

Lunar situation

Luther was once asked how in the world the bread and wine could be the true (and not just the symbolic) body and blood of Christ when, at his original institution of the supper, Jesus’ body was there beside the table and the bread and the wine were there upon the table, apart from him. Luther replied, “Jesus is good at miracles.”

-Dale Bruner

Since March, this field has been our sanctuary.

The Brilliance, keeping it real.

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It’s come to this.

One of the more interesting gifts occasioned by this day.

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Our Eve of Christmas Eve fire at the church was significant.

Somehow I didn’t know about Malcolm Guite until yesterday.